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Tron: Legacy (2010) Review


Tron: Legacy is quite possibly one of my favourite movies of all time. A sequel to the classic 1982 Tron, it features the consequences of Kevin Flynn's obsession with the computer world.

First and foremost, the soundtrack is just beyond mindblowing. Daft Punk's music, OH YES. Fits every time and makes me tingle all over.
Secondly, the flashback scenes(and any scenes with Clu) were the best scenes in the movie.
Thirdly, since both Flynn(in the first movie) and Sam(in this one) both looked exactly the way they did when they had gone in after they came out, would Flynn have been 20 years younger in the real world, had he actually escaped?

The story is actually somewhat familiar to the first one: Good Guy enters computer world, teams up with good guys, fights through arena, tries to get to a big location at the end of the story, beats bad guy, leaves in the nick of time.

Here's the more complicated version: In 1989, 7 years after the events of Tron, Kevin Flynn disappears. 20 years later, his former colleague, Alan Bradley(creator of the Tron program) is paged and informs Flynn's son, Sam. Sam goes to Flynn's old arcade and discovers his father's laboratory where he was designing a new and perfect computer system: The Grid. The key to this perfect system was of course the fact that one could travel in and out of it. Sam is accidentally zapped in and discovers the Grid is now ruled by the tyrannical Clu 2.0 program, based on a minor character from the first movie who represents a twisted version of Flynn's youth. Sam teams up with a program called Quorra and the old Flynn Sr(who's gone from a Han Solo-wannabe to an Obi-Wan Kenobi-wannabe) to take down Clu and his right-hand man Rinzler.

Even though the real Tron only appeared for about a minute, I must admit he was pretty darn awesome and bad***. His duality with Rinzler was also very symbolic and represented Flynn's own duality with Clu and the of the relationship between Flynn and Tron as opposed to Clu and Rinzler.

So here come the bad parts.

Firstly, THE RETURN OF THE SOLAR SAILER. *sigh* It might look cool, but it still makes no sense.

Secondly, what happened to all the electronic sounds the people made while moving? And why are lightsuits now fashionable to the point of unnecessary(Flynn's jacket/Sam's hoodie) instead of functional? In the first movie, the circuitry of the characters was obviously a big part of them in the computer yet in this movie, this is completely ignored and one wonders why they even wear neon lights that seem to have no purpose anymore.

Thirdly, why is Rinzler growling ALL the time?

Fourthly, did Flynn really add a permanent lightning storm to the computer? Why oh why oh why?

Fifthly, how was Clu exactly going to dominate the world? And how would he take out those mega-large ships INSIDE THE ARCADE? The second even the smallest Recognizer comes out of that computer, it will crush it and the Grid becomes history! And if you can only take an army out, well your army is finite and it'll easily get killed! Plus, your discs won't really work or even exist in the real world. Plus you just have no frickin' way to take over the world unless you go out alone and connect the Grid to the internet which you obviously have no idea of since you only have the 80's knowledge of how the world works.

Sixthly, if your army is finite, why on earth would you allow programs to be derezzed in the Game Grid? Or why would you even allow people such as Castor and Gem to exist insted of repurposing them to perfect your damn system?

Seventhly, the User power or lack of it thereof. In the first movie, we saw Flynn do stuff like reconstructing Recognizers telekinetically, shoot out energy beams from his hands, jump inside giant computer programs and bringing programs back to life. In this movie all he does is turn the music and the lights off and create a shockwave. But I must admit he looks bad*** doing even that.

And eightly, if time passes faster in the computer, why isn't Flynn dead? And why is he even aging inside a computer?

Despite all these obvious plot holes, the movie is darn amazing. The story is nice and simple, the effects and soundtrack is mindblowing and the whole way the movie is designed will have you gripping. Just start it from the beginning and your eyes are already bulging.

"The Grid. (EPIC MUSIC) A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What did they look like? Ships, motorcycles? Were the circuits like free-ways? I dreamed of a world I thought I'd never see. And then, one day..."
"You got in!"
"*chuckles* That's right man, I got in."

(More EPIC MUSIC and the TRON sign)

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