Friday, May 3, 2013

Oblivion (2013) Review

Oblivion. A perfect name for this movie. Today we follow Tom Cruise nr 49 on his mission to save Earth from HAL 9000's giant pyramid sister that has all but destroyed our civilization and is using an armada of Tom Cruise clones to rule the planet. Yeah, you heard that right.
TC nr 49 and his girlfriend are the technicians controlling one of the many machines that pump water into space to be taken to Titan, a moon of Saturn where a colony of humanity supposedly exists. TC 49 becomes suspicious when an escape pod crashes to the planet, revealing a pre-war human who is attacked by one of the many probe robots who are scouring the planet. Shortly after, 49 is captured by a group of "aliens" who reveal themselves to be the actual survivors of humanity and tell 49 that Earth was attacked by HAL's sister(previously thought to be a man-made space station by 49) Tet with the help of Tom Cruise clones.

Tom Cruise, the ultimate weapon against humanity.

49 finds proof of this when he is attacked by Tom Cruise nr 52, a copy of him still loyal to the Tet. 49 decides to join the good guys, his girlfriend dies and he finds out that the pre-war human was his wife. Ultimately, 49 goes up to the Tet herself, gives her the middle finger and dies.
Oh, and his wife takes on 52 as a new boyfriend(hated that ending.)

Okay, Oblivion was not a bad film. Not at all. The graphics were pretty amazing, I liked Tom Cruise's character and the actor himself(this is the first Tom Cruise movie I've seen), I enjoyed the plot even if it's a rip-off after rip-off and I did laugh at the gigantic HAL eye at the end of the movie. The Morpheus-esque guy who tells Tom what he has to do was sort of hilarious as well. 
The battle scenes were well done, I was positively scared by the Tet. The scene where we see flashbacks to the original mission was rather moving.

I was confused as well. First and foremost, what happened with the original Tom Cruise after he was sucked into the Tet? How is it moral for his wife to stay with 49(and later with 52)? Does that mean that there are hundreds of Tom Cruise clones all waiting to rejoin 1 wife? That would be... pretty bad.

I did enjoy the show of future technology, the design of the ship and the Earth itself was beautiful. I was kind of annoyed that Earth was entirely habitable after being overrun with atomic explosions, though. 

I recommend this movie to all fans of classic sci-fi as it pays homage to many.

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