Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy To The Rescue (1998) Review


I have not seen The Secret Of NIMH.  Hate me all you want, but I have not seen that so-called classic. I will, of course, but for now, I have not. SoN 2 first caught my interest when I came across the Nostalgia Critic's review of it. As soon as I laid my eyes and ears on Martin(played by Eric Idle), I was bought. I got the movie, watched it and here we are. This is The Secret Of NIMH 2: Timmy To The Rescue or as I like to call it, The Secret Of NIMH 2: Plot Hole To The Plot Hole.

I have seen many a movie, but I haven't come across a single one with so many plot holes. And that's coming from someone who never saw the first one!

The story follows Timothy Brisby, a mouse with superior brain capacity due to being a descendant to one of the rats of NIMH(who were genetically altered by scientists from the National Institute of Mental Health). He is sent to Thorn Valley to learn how to become a hero because of some random prophecy. The rats there make an even bigger fuss out of Timmy than Hogwarts makes out of Harry. And Tim hasn't even done anything yet!

So Timothy grows up to be a somewhat arrogant adolescent, which those hypocrites at Thorn Valley do not take responsibility of and discovers from the love interest Jenny(also from NIMH) that his brother Martin has been taken captive by NIMH along with Jenny's parents.
Thorn Valley naturally refuses to help so Tim and Jenny go on their own. They come across a bizarre crow called Jeremy and his caterpillar buddy Cecil who put up a very cool musical number during which we find out that animals use credit cards. You learn something new every day.

Jeremy finally takes them to NIMH, which has been taken over by the now-insane Martin who proceeds to sing the Coolest Villain Song Ever. Period.
Apparently, Martin wants to take over the world by using NIMH technology to turn all the animals into his super soldiers.

I'm not gonna spoil the ending of the movie for you. You know half the movie anyway.
So yes, the movie is filled with plot holes, the animation is incredibly lazy(in one particular scene, Tim throws a key to Jenny who is suddenly untied and then uses the aforementioned key that he never gave to Jenny to shoot Martin and then proceeds to untie Jenny who couldn't have caught the key in the first place.) and half the musical numbers aren't that great, but the movie still has a nice charm to it.

Great voice acting from almost everybody, particularly Ralph Macchio as Timothy, Eric Idle as Martin and Dom DeLuise as Jeremy.

One thing I wanted to keep for last: Either Jenny has a travel bag under her sweater, a really huge fluff of hair or some animator is really, really freaky.

All fans of the original Secret of NIMH movie are likely to hate this one. Those who don't know about Secret of NIMH might not. But I think we can all agree on one thing: Eric Idle as an insane singing rat bent on world domination is nothing short of masterpiece.

"A quite sensational, inspirational magic mystery show!"

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