Friday, November 4, 2016

The Confession Of Fred Krueger (2015) Review

The Confession Of Fred Krueger is a wonderful short film analysing the man behind the burnt skin, and a perfect companion piece to the original A Nightmare On Elm Street.

After being arrested, the vile, homeless power plant worker Fred Krueger spills his guts(pun intended) about the demented crimes he committed as the notorious Springwood Slasher, and why he became a child murderer.

Kevin Roach is the star of the show, and manages to fit snugly into Robert Englund's sweater. What drew me into the original series was Freddy, and here he is in the spotlight all the way through without becoming the slightest bit ridiculous.
And whilst I would argue that we learn a little bit too much about Freddy's character(there's also some creative liberties taken with the backstory that I'm not overly fond of), Roach embodies the gleefully evil everyman persona of Krueger so well that nothing else matters.
His psychologically twisted, warped view of reality was incredibly compelling to see, and the dark humor was pitch-perfect. 

Somehow, Thomas Dunbar manages to play the most likable cop I've ever seen on film, Lt. Russell. He's not stupid or pigheaded at all, but careful and analytic, and genuinely good at his job. I was actually drawn into Dunbar's performance almost as much as Roach's. The two have an absolutely superb back and forth.

The minor characters in the cast were all fairly decent, although I found the police officer from Freddy's past a little odd... but that's probably just me.

As a fan film, there weren't many. At one point Fred gets punched and the blood looks genuine. The locations all looked great, though, even if I always imagined Krueger's workbench to be in a somewhat more enclosed space.

The music was awesome, particularly in the flashback where Freddy hunts his victim through the power plant(was nobody else working there lol?), and harkened back to the classic theme.

A must-see for any fan of the horror franchise, or anyone who is into really psychological horror stories with strong, imaginative dialogue and a verbal duel between a spooky villain and a goodnatured, mature hero.

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